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company news about The Semiconductor packaging industry

China Shenzhen Hiner Technology Co.,LTD certification
China Shenzhen Hiner Technology Co.,LTD certification
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I was very impressed!The collaboration with Hiner-Pack went very well and fully met our Jedec customization needs, and as I mentioned, we will definitely buy more trays from this company.

—— Kenneth Duvander

Chinese suppliers who have bought the best trays so far will choose to cooperate with more projects in the future.

—— Mara Lund


—— 本間宏紀

이것은 귀 회사와의 두 번째 합작입니다.상품 가격 너무 좋아요.다시 올게요, 다음번 합작을 기대합니다!

—— 김종운

The goods were delivered on time and the quality was much better than I expected. Hiner-pack is really a trustworthy company!

—— George Bush

The service attitude of the company is very good, and the packing specifications of the goods are completed according to our requirements. What a great Chinese company!

—— Mariah Carey

Nous avons reçu vos produits. Le prix est bas et de haute qualité. Nous sommes très heureux de coopérer avec vous cette fois!

—— Jacqueline Bourgeois

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Company News
The Semiconductor packaging industry
Latest company news about The Semiconductor packaging industry

What are semiconductor materials? It is a kind of electronic material which has semiconductor properties and can also be used to make semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. It is the core of the information technology industry.

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With the development of THE 5G era, big data and artificial intelligence in the new computing era, the demand for semiconductor devices in all walks of life is increasing day by day, which also makes the semiconductor material industry enter the golden period of rapid development.

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Since the establishment of Hiner-pack, we have been committed to the development of IC trays that can protect and carry all kinds of IC components, so as to ensure the storage and transportation of customers' important products. On the premise of making products that meet customers' requirements,we will also pay attention to the control of cost and quality, so that customers can use the products with the highest cost performance.

Hiner-pack is an IC tray manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing and sales. Since its establishment, the company takes the development of semiconductor packaging as its own responsibility, and strives to create a base for the industrialization of semiconductor packaging and raw material research and development. Hiner-pack sincerely look forward to providing you with quality service! For more information, please visit our official website

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